We are currently looking for great organizations to join our Internship Program!

CGEC Learning Centre (aka. CGEC) is a Japanese company based in downtown Vancouver that helps Japanese interns find placement opportunities at local businesses in the city or in the tourism industry in resort areas. Our goal is to give our interns the best possible way to gain hands-on working experience in a multicultural business setting while trying out their English language skills through real interactions with local people and their co-workers. We carefully screen our interns to make sure that they are mature, independent and responsible enough to accomplish assigned job duties, and also have appropriate qualities including high adaptability, flexibility, out-goingness, positive attitude and good people skills. We also place them in English language schools for necessary amount of time in advance of their enrollment into the practicum in order to ensure they have achieved required level of the language. 

We truly hope our Internship Program will create a win-win situation for both interns and their host organizations.


We are now in the important phase of our project where higher demand for internship destinations needs us to seek for more organizations to kindly take part in our program and accept our self-motivated hard-working interns in their professional environment. Here are a few of many possibilities where companies can benefit from hiring international interns.


Our interns could...

1.     bring new and diverse knowledge, perspectives and skills acquired through education into your work place.

2.     challenge existing employees in your company to improve their performance by making them work harder to be a good example.

3.     increase productivity by acting as an enthusiastic addition to the existing staff.

4.     give staff in your organization the opportunity to develop supervisory and leadership skills.

5.     allow your company to test-drive the talent while helping you cut down on recruitment costs and risks.

6.     offer you a great way to gain an international reputation as a quality organization committed to promoting global education. 


Our interns will be either paid or unpaid. Host companies are always welcome to interview interns by Skype, phone or in person to consider them for their placements.


If your organization is interested in hiring our interns, please take a few minutes to fill out the quick questionnaire found below on this page and kindly send it out to anriyoshino@gmail.com.


If you have any inquiries about our Internship Program, please feel free to email Anri Yoshino, CGEC Internship Program Coordinator at this email address (anriyoshino@gmail.com) or call her at (604)558-0600.


We will be looking forward to hearing back from and being able to work with your organization.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.



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Questionnaire for Prospective Host Organizations
Questionnaire for prospective host compa
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